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Police average 3,014 DUI arrests every day. 
Most of these arrests are directed at social drinkers
who have consumed as little as two drinks.

The services and information shown below have
virtually eliminated DUI convictions among
DAMM Organization Members and
assisted others in having past convictions overturned.

Protect yourself and your license from the $11.4 billion
DUI industry, download your “Driver Reminder Card” below.


What you need to know and do within 10 days of a DUI arrest to protect your license!

20 Most Frequently Asked DUI Questions

Problems associated with the Breathalyser technology and testing procedures are
resulting in thousands of DUI convictions being overturned.

The DAMM Driver Reminder Card:
DUI attorneys know how to defeat the DUI Industry. Now that they have
shared their knowledge with us, we can share this information with you. This
card alone
has saved drivers from thousands of dollars in fines, legal fees,
license suspensions, revocations and often the DUI ticket itself.

Your 4th Amendment Rights. No, they can't force you to submit to a breath
test but should you or shouldn't you?" Learn what rights you have to

Can you fail the BAC (Breath Alcohol Concentration) test after only one
alcoholic beverage?
"Yes!" Find out how this can work to your advantage.

"MADD Declares War on the United States Constitution! The Supreme Court has
suspended Citizens Rights until further notice." A noted DUI
Defence Attorney details the court decisions that have abolished constitutional
protections in favor of a police state style of government.

MADD, the operations center of the DUI Industry: View information on new
legislation that will further violate your Constitutional Rights.

From here you can voice your outrage directly at the Politicians behind the DUI
Industry and also show your support for those who vote against laws which violate
your Constitutional Rights.

Legislators will be monitored for their stand on legislation involving; DUI, seat
belt, helmet and cell phone laws as well.

Real life stories from several quick thinking drivers who managed to avoid arrest.
One young lady who won a $50,000. award from the Village she was arrested in.

DUI Attorney  Referral  Service.



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